The Reason for a Walk in Tub?

A few weeks ago I spoke to a guy named Carl Surfman. He owns a walk in bath tub website I believe. But he told me something amazing that could help my little Charlie. I’ve been dealing with a little boy who can not lay down flat and can not really keep standing, it’s a wretched infliction and it’s been making it really hard on both of us when it comes time to bathing.

The Best Way to Heal Your Back Using a Walkin Tub

Carl has told me that he’s been talking to a lot of people about the amazing benefits of these walk in bath tubs.

About 2 years ago we started using these bathtubs and not only is it so much better on Charlie, but it’s therapeutic perks have been helping relax his back and make life much more easy on him. I’m really excited to finally start my blog and start sharing the amazing benefits of being able to soak in a walk-in-tub. Charlies back is getting better every single day and I believe it has a lot to do with him being able to relax at night and get a good night sleep. But I can’t owe it all to the walk-in bathtub. I actually also owe it to a place called the Life Vessel, we’ve been putting Charlie is this, bed? I guess you could call it, it has lights on it and a whole bunch of other stuff really. But I guess it “alternative” healing, he’s been using the technology called the Energy Genesis?  <- you can check it out there.

But not only that, we’ve been using a lot of CBDs from marijuana to help him feel better during the day. In fact I just got invited to an event here in Texas called the “Green Rush”. I think it’s mostly for people who are looking to invest into marijuana, but hey! It works for these kids, I’m so excited to see things like this keep popping up and making their way into our lives to really give people comfort and rest!

I’ll be posting more about all this here shortly, but for now, thanks for reading 🙂 I’ll take a picture here soon of our walkin-bath-tub.

-June P. Marlee

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